Simulating Blood Flow Through Arteries

  • Advanced simulations can predict the rupture of the aneurysm for specific patients
  • Input data imported from standard DICOM images
  • Revolutionary tool for cardiovascular surgical prediction and intervention
  • Developing simulation technologies to characterize the effect of flow in plaque formation, the wall shear stress and the viscoelastic behavior of deformable walls, to predict stress and strain distribution within the blood vessel tissue in the active and passive conditions

Stent design, optimisation and testing

  • Finite element modeling
  • Nonlinear Contact problem
  • Nitinol material properties
  • Stent testing, Dynatek, Bose
  • Aorta, vascular stent testing
  • Electrospinning technology
  • Scaffold design
  • Artificial vascular graft design
  • Stem cells implementation

Simulating Cartilage Mechanics

  • Spinal motions segment - intervertebral disc, intradiscal pressure
  • Mechanical response of a lumbar motion segment in axial torque combined with compression
  • Complex spinal loads during dynamic lifting tasks

Simulating a Human Hand - System of Bones and Muscles

  • Input from CT scan
  • Automatic image processing
  • Database muscle function
  • 3D reconstruction

ARTreat: Patient-specific computational model of the cardiovascular system

  • ARTreat targets at providing a patient-specific computational model of the cardiovascular system, used to improve the quality of prediction for the atherosclerosis progression and propagation into life-threatening events that need to be treated accordingly
  • ARTreat will provide a three-level patient model describing the 3d arterial tree anatomy, the patient-specific blood flow and blood particle dynamics and the biological processes that lead to the creation and progression of atherosclerotic plaques

Alveolated Flow Simulation

  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Contour plot
  • Streamlines
  • Particle tracking
  • Communication with other programs

Thrombosis Modeling, Microvascular Blood Flow, Nanoparticles Delivery

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Drug delivery simulation
  • Cancer research
  • Thrombosis

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