SMARTool will combine the results of two previous FP7 projects, in terms of models (VPH project ARTreat - FP7-224297 - Multi-level patient-specific artery and atherogenesis model for outcome prediction, decision support treatment, and virtual handon training) and of existing data (Health project EVINCI - FP7-222915 - Evaluation of integrated cardiac Imaging), aiming to develop a platform based on cloud technology, for clinical decision support to the management of patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). By standardizing and integrating heterogeneous health data, including those from key enabling technologies, and existing patient/artery specific multiscale and multilevel predictive models, the platform will support the application of a novel clinical decision support system (CDSS) for a better prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD) and of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE), and support the treatment and design of therapeutic interventions. SMARTool models are based on the extension of the existing multiscale and multilevel ARTreat models for coronary plaque assessment and progression over time using non-invasive imaging by coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) and are refined with functional site-specific assessment (hemodynamically significant plaques by noninvasive FFR computation) plus heterogeneous patient-specific non-imaging data (history, lifestyle, exposome, biohumoral data, phenotyping and genotyping). Cellular/molecular inflammatory markers will be acquired with the utilization of a microfluidic device for on-chip blood analysis in the final CDSS. Additionally, the refined and validated models will be publicly available in open markup language (ML) formats for re-usability in the VPH community. SMARTool models will be applied and validated by CCTA imaging plus non-imaging clinical data from the EVINCI project population. The functionalities of the CDSS platform will be evaluated and assessed for usability in 4 clinical sites.




The Multiscale and multilevel process of plaque progression modelling developed within ARTreat project OpenCart Templates